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Breyer Roofing Helps School to Grow…Vegetables!

14 February 2023
A photo of 2 children holding a plant pot and some seeds to get ready to plant

The Breyer Roofing team has been using their skills to improve more than just roofs at the Allen Edwards Primary School in Lambeth. Working alongside the school’s Eco Club, we’ve donated both time and money to help the students develop their fruit and vegetable growing areas.

Deputy Headteacher, Nicola Harris commented:

“We are so grateful to Breyer Roofing for helping transform our allotment area and for joining the Eco Club students on numerous occasions to discuss plants; help plant seeds; and to deliver and establish bigger flowers and vegetable plants. It has been an amazing learning experience for the students involved and the results will be enjoyed by all of us at the school. Thank you!”

Breyer gave £1,000 towards buying seeds and plants for the Primary School, which were chosen by the Eco Club students. Breyer staff have also committed to joining the children again in March as part in a planting day, alongside students and parents.