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Breyer gives social value a boost

25 October 2022

As a B Corp company with a drive to enrich and empower lives, as well as sustainably improve property, we’re expanding our Social Value team with new Community & Social Value Manager, Lisa Campbell-Price.

Below is an interview with Lisa explaining who she is and what she’ll be doing with Breyer.

How did you start working in the Social Value sector?

I practiced law for around 15 years, which included community-focused engagement projects before moving into Communications and Events roles, where I was lucky to work with some great organisations around their ESG commitments. This fueled my interest even more around social value, leading me to choose projects with social value at the core as I moved forward.

What attracted you to Breyer?

Breyer is headquartered in the same London Borough that I live in. I was really impressed by their B Corp accreditation. It said to me that Breyer is progressive and has an interest in ESG and social value, as well as a desire to be a thought leader in this area.  I also happened to participate in the Visionary Women Programme just towards the end of the pandemic where I met Breyer’s Head of Community and Social Value, Liz Obertelli. We kept in touch and she became a mentor to me.

What does your role with Breyer entail?

I’ll be working closely with Liz Obertelli.  We’re putting together systems and procedures to make the recording of social value a seamless part of each contract.  We’re also working on strategies and innovations that will have a positive impact companywide, producing smart outcomes that involve our clients and supply chain. There’s going to be a lot of relationship building, as well as getting the Breyer name and ethos in front of the right audience. And, of course, we’ll be continuing to build on the Company’s B Corp accreditation.

What do you see as the greatest community and social value needs for Breyer’s clients at the moment?

Engaging their residents, which can be done in so many ways: helping them to find careers and pathways or access training and upskill, as well as through the provision of resources, place making and community initiatives. There’s also the green agenda, which I think lots of organisations are still trying to get their heads around!

You say that you recently took part in the Breyer Visionary Women program; can you tell us more about that?

When the pandemic hit, the events industry completely shut down so my work situation was not great! My career history is pretty eclectic so I knew that I had transferrable skills but I just didn’t know what to do next.  On my course, there was a real mix of women who, for varying reasons, all lacked confidence. While Visionary Women focuses on revitalising careers, it also looks at what’s blocking women in this area and, quite often, this relates to self-doubt around their skills and value in the workplace.  It really is a powerful programme that helps to rejuvenate and revitalise through immersive personal development. It also showcases absolutely masses of career pathways into the built environment and green skills sectors.

What programs and initiatives are coming up later this year for people to look out for?

We have lots underway and in the pipeline. We want to ensure, by working closely with all Departments, that any contract with a social value element is delivered in a way that is really meaningful to all those who are benefitting from it.  We’re going to be expanding our network and building relationships with more colleges. We’re also going to be heavily promoting our Visionary Women programme to our clients, including producing an events calendar to capture our activity so that everyone can see where we are. Plus, we’re engaging with lots of exciting partners who will be key in our delivery of innovative social value initiatives.